Current Features

Question Bank Creation

Easily create, tag and update question banks using Qbank. Banks can be created from scratch or from existing pdf documents and spreadsheets.

Question Bank Backup

Backup questions to .xlsx files or choose a .qbnk backup to restore with images.


Schedule question bank attempts with the calendar. A .ics link is available to link with your calendar of choice


Keep track of progress. See time, and score statistics for each individual bank and overall.


For Students

Easily create hundreds of multiple choice questions to focus on challenging areas.

Learn large tables of data with spaced repetition

Easily generate flash cards from the questions that you create

For Educators and Course Creators

Create datatables and question templates that allow you to test learners' knowledge reliably.

Generate tests from 1000's to 100,000's of possible questions in microseconds. Ensure uniqueness and security on test day

Deliver more robust courses whether online or offline. Boost your MOOC offerings by giving stakeholders confidence in your ability to deliver robust, unique and meaningful testing online and without supervision.

Coming Soon

Anki export

For Students

Export your question banks as Anki flashcards